Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy Little Thing called Love

Love. For the past weeks Iv'e been hooked up with different things that is related to LOVE. I am watching YouTube wedding pre-nuptial videos, wedding videos, love stories, and even cheesy pick up lines. So while i was wandering through my thoughts the urge to blog hit me and so it is.

I was once in love, to a girl who doesn't believe in the crazy typical love get up ( chocolates, flowers, dating, courting, gifts).  But despite that I still gave her the crazy love stuffs. Sometimes i find it hard to understand how will this relationship will work in the future. Its like we're from pole to pole diverging in different direction meeting at one common point LOVE. I want to be inlove. I want to experience hugging someone while the weather is cold, holding the umbrella while the rain is pouring, being a shoulder to cry on when she's sad, being her clown when everything is so serious, and being with that someone when everything is fucked up. I dont just want to be inlove. I want to experience Love that is exceptional. in our generation love is just a matter of weeks if not days. I dont believe in those crazy nonsense love belief. How can the relationship work in two days, it doesnt even count to be a relationship. I am saving up for that time. that time when all the things point at our common direction. While some of my friends are counting their girlfriends in number, im patienlty waiting and soon will count the relationships. Number is just a number, you can show it off but who will you cheat? not anyone else but yourself.

Im stuck in a primitive belief to pursue the girl that is rich, pretty, and smart. But what the hell. PERSONALITY shines through whatever the hindrance maybe. I may not be that expressive, Pero ang mga Torpe ang masarap magmahal.


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