Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Most of you guys heard about the AMALAYER LRT incident. I will not mention the girl’s name.
I’m not tolerating her actions; I’m not saying that what she did was completely acceptable. But I really feel bad for her. I can’t imagine myself in her position, having her video circulated in the web without her consent. Being bullied here and there.

I’m not washing my hands here. In fact I also tweeted about the #AMALAYER trend simply because I really found it funny. But when I came to realize and to think clearly she is just also a victim here. Not of miscommunication, not of the Lady Guard but a victim of her temper.

The Amalayer girl is a victim of her temper. We don’t know the story; we don’t know her or her reasons. Maybe someone close to her is already on a 50-50 condition and she has to be there before it’s too late. Maybe she was late in school and missing that subject will result to her failure. Maybe I’m just exaggerating but you get my point.

We all have our UGH moments. Being ill-tempered and losing our cool in a public place. Come on, let’s be real. Kahit kayo din naman kung makapag English pag galit akala mo kung sino. Minsan mas maarte pa sa pagkakasabi nya ng “I’m just doing you a flaavver.” At minsan mas OA pa sa “Oh my God Kuya” hawak sa mukha, clap your hands and assume the “Iron man about to fly” position. (OK that’s my favorite part)

I’m not taking sides here. I’m not washing my hands. I’m not tolerating the action. These are just my thoughts. Un Lang. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Not just for Amalayer, but for everyone of us who participated in this trend. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Did Curiosity Really Killed the Cat?

Whoever said that curiosity killed the cat must have forgotten than the cat has nine lives. It can be curious 8 times of its life before it dies.

Maybe it’s not curiosity that killed the cat. It’s the saturation of the cat to satisfy its curiosity that killed it. And there it goes its ninth life. We cannot necessarily make a comparison of one person’s life decision based on a cat’s curiosity. So my theory is that. Curiosity didn't kill the cat. What happens after the cat got curious… killed it. And it wasn't good. It was brutish, painful, and restless.

I just mindfucked you. As I have also mindfucked myself. Just don’t mind me. Me and my randomness.

Unspoken Noise and Deafening silence

Hey guys, it’s been a very long time since I last updated my blog. Maybe I’m not really into blogging but I still keep a day-to-day journal handy. (The old traditional pen and paper type)  I can’t sleep and the urge to blog hit me so let’s end this lame introduction and move on…

Before going to sleep, as I lay down the bed, stare at the ceiling, and hear the calmness of my breath and beating of my heart… questions hit me. Questions that I’m afraid to ask simply because I already know the answers.

Questions of the past that we’re afraid will hunt us. Questions of the present that will define our past. Questions of the future that will re-evaluate our present. It doesn't really make sense. But things don’t always have to make sense.

Emotional outburst and Petty thoughts. I can’t really put them into words. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Can I call myself a blogger if my last blog post was of October last year? Hello. I know I haven’t really been doing what I had written in my Profile description. I got too busy with a lot of things; most of them are nothing, that’s the reason for the long blog post hiatus. Anyways, enough of the long introduction.

WHAT IF? Two words that make me think of the things that could have been, that could have is, that could have not. Two striking words that defy the notion of reality. Two words that make us fall into deep paranoia, thinking. What if your parents never really met? What if you never really exist? What if the world that we are living now is just a mere product of one’s imagination? What if the reality is just a fallacy? What if?

These are some of the nagging thoughts that I have. I know. I’m weird. I like to play the psycho blogger who always think of the what ifs in life. But have you really thought of it? What if oxygen is a poisonous gas and it takes 100 years before it affects your body? What if the first person to try the poison berries was just allergic to it and the berries was not poisonous at all? What if the world that we are seeing is the illusion that we are making?

I stopped. Think. And I came up with the answers.

If I will live in a world of what ifs, I will just be stuck with questions that will forever be unanswered. Questions that will make me regret the things that I didn’t do, the things that I did, and the things that I should have done. I don’t want to live a life thinking of what ifs. I want to know what is.

We should live the life with no regrets. With no what ifs, because once we live that life we will be forever asking, we will be forever thinking. We will live in regrets.
Maybe the oxygen is not a poisonous gas at all. Maybe we are missing a lot in our lives by not tasting the poison berries. Maybe the illusion of life is what makes it real.

The question I have now is what is?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SM YOUTH: 2012 Summer Swagger Style Contest

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