Sunday, October 16, 2011

The man who doesn't have an Identity

Few years ago I met a Man who doesn't know who he is so he pretended to be someone. It made him his definition. It made him his identity.

He was once a Jock who had all the girls screaming under his paradigm. He was the Jock who shed his girlfriends every week like a piece of clothing waiting to be undressed. He fooled the world that the Jock in him was his identity. But he was wrong. He was not a Jock. It was not his definition. It was not his identity.

He was once a Nerd who seats quietly at one corner of the room reading his textbooks. He was the Nerd whom everyone believes to put his nose in his books, out of the social light. A weirdo who put the boundaries of socialism to mediocre himself. But he was not a Nerd. He barely touch his books and notes. It was not his definition. It was not his Identity.

He was once the Badass Perv who disrespects girls for the sake of sexual explicit. He built a culprit noises from the quiet alms of the real him. But it was not his definition. It was not his identity.

He was once the Comedian who gives sarcasm beyond expression. He doesn't take things seriously and bound to ridicule others. But he has his respect. It was not his definition. It was not his Identity.

He was once the Scheming Devil who built a world of lies and secrets beyond expectation. But it was not all him. It was not his definition. It was not his Identity

He was the Man without an Identity. Lost in the world finding himself the reason for his actions. He was finding himself but he was lost will all the mistaken definition. The mistaken Identity.

I will look forward till the day that I will meet this man again and I know that he will be someone who found himself. His definition. His Identity.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy Little Thing called Love

Love. For the past weeks Iv'e been hooked up with different things that is related to LOVE. I am watching YouTube wedding pre-nuptial videos, wedding videos, love stories, and even cheesy pick up lines. So while i was wandering through my thoughts the urge to blog hit me and so it is.

I was once in love, to a girl who doesn't believe in the crazy typical love get up ( chocolates, flowers, dating, courting, gifts).  But despite that I still gave her the crazy love stuffs. Sometimes i find it hard to understand how will this relationship will work in the future. Its like we're from pole to pole diverging in different direction meeting at one common point LOVE. I want to be inlove. I want to experience hugging someone while the weather is cold, holding the umbrella while the rain is pouring, being a shoulder to cry on when she's sad, being her clown when everything is so serious, and being with that someone when everything is fucked up. I dont just want to be inlove. I want to experience Love that is exceptional. in our generation love is just a matter of weeks if not days. I dont believe in those crazy nonsense love belief. How can the relationship work in two days, it doesnt even count to be a relationship. I am saving up for that time. that time when all the things point at our common direction. While some of my friends are counting their girlfriends in number, im patienlty waiting and soon will count the relationships. Number is just a number, you can show it off but who will you cheat? not anyone else but yourself.

Im stuck in a primitive belief to pursue the girl that is rich, pretty, and smart. But what the hell. PERSONALITY shines through whatever the hindrance maybe. I may not be that expressive, Pero ang mga Torpe ang masarap magmahal.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Million Thanks to a One in a MiIllion Mother

What i am today is not only because of the lessons i have learned in school, not only the values i have gained at home, not only the aspirations i learned from my friends, not only the period of instructions i have learned from what i see and heard in the social media. What am i today is because of my parents. My loving parents. And to this special day i would like to give a million thanks to a one in a million mother. My mom.

For every morning you prepare our meals. Thank You.
For making me understand the values in having a good life. Thank You.
For being there whenever i feel the need to cry on your shoulders. Thank You.
For every  time you stand in my back whenever i went home late. Thank You.
For giving me my allowance with extra ones. Thank You
For giving me what i need. what i want. and what i craved for. Thank You. 
For being my first teacher. Thank You 
For preparing the flowers and chocolates on my first date. Thank You
For opening the door whenever i went home late. Thank You
For allowing my to grow. Thank You.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Nagging Thoughts

The idea that is not dangerous is not worthy of being called an idea at all

sudden ideas. flash of thoughts.
We'll, since I'm all alone in my room. I thought of putting my ideas into somebody else's thoughts. i would like to blog about something. Something that is really about nothing. I have so much nagging thoughts inside my head waiting for a sudden outburst towards reality. Thoughts that maybe good or bad. dangerous or not. stupid or dumb. 

I have three ideas on my mind that is put into action for the past few days.
  1. First, my active instinct about our katulong. It has always been a pleasure to me watching our katulong go mad, I mean madly insane and stupid. So here's what happen. I'm sure most of you guys heard about the site peter answers where in you type your petition and then "Peter" will give you an answer. i was once a victim of this site and it gave me an IDEA to give revenge. so sad that our katulong should suffer. Moving on, I told our katulong to ask a question and the virtual tarrot will give her an answer, to be more convincing i told her that Aj Perez's death was guessed in that site and it is a reliable site - you know how manipulative i am - and then the questions began to flood. At first i was answering simple questions like her name, birthday, and what she's wearing. Of course i did a little research about her family background it was part of the plan. then she start asking questions about her "future boyfriend" and i got a little bit too excited and gave her wild answers. Turned out that she will be having a rich boyfriend at the age of 28 and she will get married. of course the DANGEROUS IDEA of mine came to my mind and i told her via "peter" that she will die at the age of 31. She was so Paranoid. she She cant sleep like hell. She cant eat. and at this point in time she is still thinking about it. Well, she deserve it. What do a NORMAL person reaction will be knowing that a "computer" gave them guesses about her life? She took it really seriously and to make it more funny she told me at the age of 23 she will be married to fully enjoy life. well, how do you know. I might just change her future. she's so funny, dumb, stupid, and annoying. who is she? she is LEAN SAGARINO. :))                                                         .
  2. I was riding a Jeepney.We stopped at the loading zone near Sm City Lucena. It was the LOADING and UNLOADING ZONE. A man came up to the driver asking for some coins. Turned our that his job was to yell and urge the passengers to ride the jeep. my point is, it was the loading zone. which mean people will really go in that are to ride the jeepney. why should a man stand there asking for some money just because people ride the jeepney in that area. simply stupid and dumb. I am just being logical. yes, its their way  of earning money. but What duh? Its like a toilet, asking our butts to "unload" when in fact they are made to be the "unloading zone". Its like a food, asking us to eat them, when in fact they are made to be eaten. just like the loading and unloading zone. they are made to be the loading and unloading zone of the passenger's why should a man ask for some coins when in fcat he is subjecting the use of that zone. Imagine. At the given amount of fare that is PHP 7.00 the jeepney driver gives atleast PHP5.00 to that man. How any times does the jeepney make a round trip? Its just doesnt make any sense. Ironic reality. Filipino Culture.                                                                         .
  3. Just today i was so bored and it made me do things the dumb way. As i look at the kitchen for something to eat, i saw this bunch of oranges waiting to be squeezed and juiced. The idea of making a photoshoot inspired by those oranges came to my mind. so i took a dozen of oranges, and i thought of having a seductive self photoshoot. Of course that is not plausible. i am not that dumb to pose nude covering myself with oranges. so what i did was, I asked our Katulong to be the model. the evr so stupid katulong of us agreed. i painted her face with yellow and orange watercolors. just like the one shown on america's next top model, the amateur way. and i asked her to pose for those oranges. seductive and sexy. She agreed but with her clothes of course. so that was it. stupid. fun. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I must admit Dr. Gregory House is the best. I think I should  thank  my  friend Shalimaine Salvatierra  for  introducing me to this awesome, coolest, insane doctor.

Let's not cut craps over here. House is just House.  I think I'm diverging myself into believing   a new "religion" --lets put it this way-- of Houseism.  I can waste all my time sittin' on the couch watching all the House episode over and over again. Although Dr. Gregory House is a fictionalized persona, his  actions  really  affects me. He has this sense  of sarcasm and Philosophy of easing pain and converting it  into  something useful. His crazy antics  might  save somebody else's life.
No, treating illnesses is why we became doctors. Treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable.
I think this is true. Some doctors  try toohard to fix somebody else's problems and that makes them more miserable. I'm not saying that most doctors should be as heartless as house, what i am trying to say is that doctors should have their limitation in order for them to not be miserable.

I should thank HOUSE  for he was my inspiration to be a doctor. not just any other doctor. I want to be HOUSE. it may sound absurd. But me all have our  crazy dreams.  Dreams that will soon be a reality.

Insecurity can Kill You

insecurity can kill. Having a friend that is so insecure about everything is a pain in the ass. I don't understand Insecure people. some of them brings other down, some of them find ways on how to get back. But most of them, bring themselves down. Insecurity can kill. Instead of being insecure,just find ways on how to love and like yourself more. insecure people has a very high risk of dieing.haha. there are really no basis for that.hehe. here are the common reason for insecure people and how to deal with it.
  • relationship problems. well, some of insecure people have problems. But, the? we all have problems and being insecure doesn't brings change. yah, sure relationship problems are hard to deal with but you dont need to do different thing for you to be talked about. and another thing, if you have problems being insecure is the last thing you must do.
  • Social skills are not helping you.  your friends can really be a dumbass. so you must choose your friends carefully. if you dont want to be insecure find some friends that are not in your level.hehe, you don't want to have a friend that is your apprentice that takes everything from you?
  • Money problems. yah, right... money problems. having a lot of money is a really good thing, but you dont need to be insecure to others that have so much? you dont need to have that much money to have your satisfaction. its just a piece of paper that buys crap things.
  • your self confidence is low. the best way to deal about your insecurity is likeing your self. you should always bring yourself up. cause if you bring yourself down.. your going down.hehe. you should have the confidence. you have something that others dont. so use your assets.!
  • fear of challenge or something new. well as heidi klum always said, "so you know in fashion, one day your in. the next day your out". you should always try something new for you to grow.. life is a challenge you should learn how to cope with it. and not how it cope to you...
  • fear of change. the?! everything changes. so deal with it bitches.
  • lack of trust in another person you depend on. i know its hard to trust someone,. because secrets can tear you apart. but the world is a big journey for you to take it alone! you should have someone to depend on. at the end of the day the person you depend on is STILL the person you depend on.
  • depression. if your depressed. find ways for you to be entertained. being insecure doesnt add comfort to your depression. it only add something for you to be depressed.
  • shyness. shyness. what are you? you would always be behind everyone if your shy. it is only addind to your insecurities. you have your capabilities

ok. insecure people are bitches. so if your one of them? Cure your insecurities.hehe,peaceout...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roller Coaster

one word to describe my life. Roller Coaster.why?. typically, I've experienced a lot of twist and turns. From my early childhood up to my teenage life. I have always been the nerdy guy. I want to change that. But some people are trapped to the past and they don't give others the chance to change. Bullshit, all you people grow up. para kayo laging bata. Mind your own business. Give other people the chance of their lives. 
based on my experiences there are certain things that doesn't change. all those people, all those things, all those stuffs. there are three primary reason why they act like that.

  •  first, they are like cavemen. their brains are limited only on what they see, what they hear. they are so insensitive, that they don't realize that they are making a fool of themselves. they are so shallow.  They are weak, they fight only to what they see is benefited for them.
  • second, they are insecure. Damn all those insecure people. they are the poison in the society. they make other people's life miserable when they know that their own life is just as damn worst as others. Grow up.
  • lastly, they prey on themselves. i hope they are having fun eating each other alive.
so what is the sense of this Roller Coaster title to my blog? Simple. we are all inside a Roller Coater. We are all incapable when we are in it. But the most important thing we have to do before entering this ride is to choose the person to be with in this roller coaster life of ours. Once we are in the roller coaster we are locked. the only thing that we can do is to enjoy the life that we choose to live in. ther are many choices that we can make. but there is only one choice that is right... I hope my roller coaster ride wouldn't end up to be a tragic end for me. until then...