Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Million Thanks to a One in a MiIllion Mother

What i am today is not only because of the lessons i have learned in school, not only the values i have gained at home, not only the aspirations i learned from my friends, not only the period of instructions i have learned from what i see and heard in the social media. What am i today is because of my parents. My loving parents. And to this special day i would like to give a million thanks to a one in a million mother. My mom.

For every morning you prepare our meals. Thank You.
For making me understand the values in having a good life. Thank You.
For being there whenever i feel the need to cry on your shoulders. Thank You.
For every  time you stand in my back whenever i went home late. Thank You.
For giving me my allowance with extra ones. Thank You
For giving me what i need. what i want. and what i craved for. Thank You. 
For being my first teacher. Thank You 
For preparing the flowers and chocolates on my first date. Thank You
For opening the door whenever i went home late. Thank You
For allowing my to grow. Thank You.

Mom, i just want you to know how lucky i am to have you as my mother. While other moms are working out there for their careers. You chose to be a full time mom. it is indeed the greatest career a mother would ever have. it is not easy to raise four children with good values and fear of the lord. What you did is more than just sacrifice. you devoted yourself into our lives, to your husband. to your children, to your family. You are in my side for every presentations in school. You walked me through every awardings. You prepared my clothes for every competitions. You thought me what is right. You thought me what is ethical. You make me what i am today.

Although our relationship had not been as good as a perfect mother-son relationship, You remained there, understanding me. I know i am mature enough to understand the things that you stand for but i always fail to be the "panganay" it is so insensitive of me. I am trying. but i guess im not trying hard enough. I want you to know that i love you so much. Thank you for everything. I may not be that expressive but i know you know that i love you. i care for you. and i want our relationship to be good. to be better. We always fight for the simplest reasons in life. i am so lucky that i have you as my mother. i know every child would mention this to their mothers but in my sincerest appreciation and gratitude. you are the best mother on earth. Happy Mother's Day. not just today. but everyday. I love You MOM.

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