Saturday, June 9, 2012


Can I call myself a blogger if my last blog post was of October last year? Hello. I know I haven’t really been doing what I had written in my Profile description. I got too busy with a lot of things; most of them are nothing, that’s the reason for the long blog post hiatus. Anyways, enough of the long introduction.

WHAT IF? Two words that make me think of the things that could have been, that could have is, that could have not. Two striking words that defy the notion of reality. Two words that make us fall into deep paranoia, thinking. What if your parents never really met? What if you never really exist? What if the world that we are living now is just a mere product of one’s imagination? What if the reality is just a fallacy? What if?

These are some of the nagging thoughts that I have. I know. I’m weird. I like to play the psycho blogger who always think of the what ifs in life. But have you really thought of it? What if oxygen is a poisonous gas and it takes 100 years before it affects your body? What if the first person to try the poison berries was just allergic to it and the berries was not poisonous at all? What if the world that we are seeing is the illusion that we are making?

I stopped. Think. And I came up with the answers.

If I will live in a world of what ifs, I will just be stuck with questions that will forever be unanswered. Questions that will make me regret the things that I didn’t do, the things that I did, and the things that I should have done. I don’t want to live a life thinking of what ifs. I want to know what is.

We should live the life with no regrets. With no what ifs, because once we live that life we will be forever asking, we will be forever thinking. We will live in regrets.
Maybe the oxygen is not a poisonous gas at all. Maybe we are missing a lot in our lives by not tasting the poison berries. Maybe the illusion of life is what makes it real.

The question I have now is what is?

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