Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I must admit Dr. Gregory House is the best. I think I should  thank  my  friend Shalimaine Salvatierra  for  introducing me to this awesome, coolest, insane doctor.

Let's not cut craps over here. House is just House.  I think I'm diverging myself into believing   a new "religion" --lets put it this way-- of Houseism.  I can waste all my time sittin' on the couch watching all the House episode over and over again. Although Dr. Gregory House is a fictionalized persona, his  actions  really  affects me. He has this sense  of sarcasm and Philosophy of easing pain and converting it  into  something useful. His crazy antics  might  save somebody else's life.
No, treating illnesses is why we became doctors. Treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable.
I think this is true. Some doctors  try toohard to fix somebody else's problems and that makes them more miserable. I'm not saying that most doctors should be as heartless as house, what i am trying to say is that doctors should have their limitation in order for them to not be miserable.

I should thank HOUSE  for he was my inspiration to be a doctor. not just any other doctor. I want to be HOUSE. it may sound absurd. But me all have our  crazy dreams.  Dreams that will soon be a reality.

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