Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Insecurity can Kill You

insecurity can kill. Having a friend that is so insecure about everything is a pain in the ass. I don't understand Insecure people. some of them brings other down, some of them find ways on how to get back. But most of them, bring themselves down. Insecurity can kill. Instead of being insecure,just find ways on how to love and like yourself more. insecure people has a very high risk of dieing.haha. there are really no basis for that.hehe. here are the common reason for insecure people and how to deal with it.
  • relationship problems. well, some of insecure people have problems. But, the? we all have problems and being insecure doesn't brings change. yah, sure relationship problems are hard to deal with but you dont need to do different thing for you to be talked about. and another thing, if you have problems being insecure is the last thing you must do.
  • Social skills are not helping you.  your friends can really be a dumbass. so you must choose your friends carefully. if you dont want to be insecure find some friends that are not in your level.hehe, you don't want to have a friend that is your apprentice that takes everything from you?
  • Money problems. yah, right... money problems. having a lot of money is a really good thing, but you dont need to be insecure to others that have so much? you dont need to have that much money to have your satisfaction. its just a piece of paper that buys crap things.
  • your self confidence is low. the best way to deal about your insecurity is likeing your self. you should always bring yourself up. cause if you bring yourself down.. your going down.hehe. you should have the confidence. you have something that others dont. so use your assets.!
  • fear of challenge or something new. well as heidi klum always said, "so you know in fashion, one day your in. the next day your out". you should always try something new for you to grow.. life is a challenge you should learn how to cope with it. and not how it cope to you...
  • fear of change. the?! everything changes. so deal with it bitches.
  • lack of trust in another person you depend on. i know its hard to trust someone,. because secrets can tear you apart. but the world is a big journey for you to take it alone! you should have someone to depend on. at the end of the day the person you depend on is STILL the person you depend on.
  • depression. if your depressed. find ways for you to be entertained. being insecure doesnt add comfort to your depression. it only add something for you to be depressed.
  • shyness. shyness. what are you? you would always be behind everyone if your shy. it is only addind to your insecurities. you have your capabilities

ok. insecure people are bitches. so if your one of them? Cure your insecurities.hehe,peaceout...

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