Friday, May 6, 2011

Nagging Thoughts

The idea that is not dangerous is not worthy of being called an idea at all

sudden ideas. flash of thoughts.
We'll, since I'm all alone in my room. I thought of putting my ideas into somebody else's thoughts. i would like to blog about something. Something that is really about nothing. I have so much nagging thoughts inside my head waiting for a sudden outburst towards reality. Thoughts that maybe good or bad. dangerous or not. stupid or dumb. 

I have three ideas on my mind that is put into action for the past few days.
  1. First, my active instinct about our katulong. It has always been a pleasure to me watching our katulong go mad, I mean madly insane and stupid. So here's what happen. I'm sure most of you guys heard about the site peter answers where in you type your petition and then "Peter" will give you an answer. i was once a victim of this site and it gave me an IDEA to give revenge. so sad that our katulong should suffer. Moving on, I told our katulong to ask a question and the virtual tarrot will give her an answer, to be more convincing i told her that Aj Perez's death was guessed in that site and it is a reliable site - you know how manipulative i am - and then the questions began to flood. At first i was answering simple questions like her name, birthday, and what she's wearing. Of course i did a little research about her family background it was part of the plan. then she start asking questions about her "future boyfriend" and i got a little bit too excited and gave her wild answers. Turned out that she will be having a rich boyfriend at the age of 28 and she will get married. of course the DANGEROUS IDEA of mine came to my mind and i told her via "peter" that she will die at the age of 31. She was so Paranoid. she She cant sleep like hell. She cant eat. and at this point in time she is still thinking about it. Well, she deserve it. What do a NORMAL person reaction will be knowing that a "computer" gave them guesses about her life? She took it really seriously and to make it more funny she told me at the age of 23 she will be married to fully enjoy life. well, how do you know. I might just change her future. she's so funny, dumb, stupid, and annoying. who is she? she is LEAN SAGARINO. :))                                                         .
  2. I was riding a Jeepney.We stopped at the loading zone near Sm City Lucena. It was the LOADING and UNLOADING ZONE. A man came up to the driver asking for some coins. Turned our that his job was to yell and urge the passengers to ride the jeep. my point is, it was the loading zone. which mean people will really go in that are to ride the jeepney. why should a man stand there asking for some money just because people ride the jeepney in that area. simply stupid and dumb. I am just being logical. yes, its their way  of earning money. but What duh? Its like a toilet, asking our butts to "unload" when in fact they are made to be the "unloading zone". Its like a food, asking us to eat them, when in fact they are made to be eaten. just like the loading and unloading zone. they are made to be the loading and unloading zone of the passenger's why should a man ask for some coins when in fcat he is subjecting the use of that zone. Imagine. At the given amount of fare that is PHP 7.00 the jeepney driver gives atleast PHP5.00 to that man. How any times does the jeepney make a round trip? Its just doesnt make any sense. Ironic reality. Filipino Culture.                                                                         .
  3. Just today i was so bored and it made me do things the dumb way. As i look at the kitchen for something to eat, i saw this bunch of oranges waiting to be squeezed and juiced. The idea of making a photoshoot inspired by those oranges came to my mind. so i took a dozen of oranges, and i thought of having a seductive self photoshoot. Of course that is not plausible. i am not that dumb to pose nude covering myself with oranges. so what i did was, I asked our Katulong to be the model. the evr so stupid katulong of us agreed. i painted her face with yellow and orange watercolors. just like the one shown on america's next top model, the amateur way. and i asked her to pose for those oranges. seductive and sexy. She agreed but with her clothes of course. so that was it. stupid. fun. 

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