Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roller Coaster

one word to describe my life. Roller Coaster.why?. typically, I've experienced a lot of twist and turns. From my early childhood up to my teenage life. I have always been the nerdy guy. I want to change that. But some people are trapped to the past and they don't give others the chance to change. Bullshit, all you people grow up. para kayo laging bata. Mind your own business. Give other people the chance of their lives. 
based on my experiences there are certain things that doesn't change. all those people, all those things, all those stuffs. there are three primary reason why they act like that.

  •  first, they are like cavemen. their brains are limited only on what they see, what they hear. they are so insensitive, that they don't realize that they are making a fool of themselves. they are so shallow.  They are weak, they fight only to what they see is benefited for them.
  • second, they are insecure. Damn all those insecure people. they are the poison in the society. they make other people's life miserable when they know that their own life is just as damn worst as others. Grow up.
  • lastly, they prey on themselves. i hope they are having fun eating each other alive.
so what is the sense of this Roller Coaster title to my blog? Simple. we are all inside a Roller Coater. We are all incapable when we are in it. But the most important thing we have to do before entering this ride is to choose the person to be with in this roller coaster life of ours. Once we are in the roller coaster we are locked. the only thing that we can do is to enjoy the life that we choose to live in. ther are many choices that we can make. but there is only one choice that is right... I hope my roller coaster ride wouldn't end up to be a tragic end for me. until then...

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